Qualification and Guidance

The areas of qualification and guidance are among the core tasks of ARQA-VET. In consultation with the Ministry of Education (BMB) we conceive and organise qualification programmes and guidance services for VET schools and colleges in connection with the VET Quality Initiative QIBB (QualitätsInitiative BerufsBildung).

In the area of qualification for QIBB executives and teachers, we offer two courses at university colleges of teacher education under the general title QUALI-QIBB:

Our range of services also includes the following:

  • Tailored lectures, seminars and workshops for groups of disseminators such as school quality project managers (SQPM), regional quality project managers (LQPM), school heads and school supervisors on the topic of school quality management.
  • Conception and implementation of in-service training programmes at schools on topics related to school quality development (such as introduction to quality management, feedback, evaluation, data-based school development, implementation of school-related schemes, etc.)

Examples of our previous in-service training programmes can be found under Seminars and Workshops.