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Guidance of Directorate II for Technical and Vocational Education and Adult Education of the Federal Ministry of Education (BMB) is one of the core tasks of ARQA-VET. Here we develop – in close consultation with BMB – new instruments and methods for QIBB, advise on the content orientation of QIBB as a QM system and carry out pilot projects for new developments.

At the province level we support the school supervisors in the strategic and content orientation of quality management and in the qualification of school heads and quality managers/LQPM and SQPM.

At the school level we support quality development processes, e.g. as part of assisted self-evaluations or in connection with the peer review. In addition, at schools we offer in-service training programmes on various topics (such as evaluation, feedback, introduction to quality management, quality culture, etc.).

See also: Workshops and Seminars

Our team comprises trainers and counsellors with comprehensive theoretical expertise and many years of practical experience in school quality development. In addition, we work together with relevant networks in Austria and abroad.